THE STAR OF THE SEA POEM by Adelaide Anne Procter

Poetry from A Chaplet of Verses.

Adelaide Anne Procter


HOW many a mighty ship
The stormy waves o’erwhelm;
Yet our frail bark floats on,
Our Angel holds the helm:
Dark storms are gathering round,
And dangerous winds arise,
Yet see! one trembling star
Is shining in the skies;—
And we are safe who trust in thee,
Star of the Sea.

A long and weary voyage
Have we to reach our home
And dark and sunken rocks
Are hid in silver foam;
Each moment we may sink,
But steadily we sail,
Our winged Pilot smiles,
And says we shall not fail:—
And so we kneel and call on thee,
Star of the Sea.

Yes, for those shining rays
Shall beam upon the main,
Shall guide us safely on,
Through fear and doubt and pain:
And see—the stormy wind
Our little sail has caught,
The tempest others fear
Shall drive us into port:—
Through Life’s dark voyage we trust in thee,
Star of the Sea.

The shore now looms in sight,
The far off golden strand,
Yet many a freight is wrecked
And lost in sight of land;
Then guide us safely home,
Through that last hour of strife,
And welcome us to land,
From the long voyage of life:—
In death and life we call on thee,
Star of the Sea.

Adelaide Anne Procter – A Chaplet of Verses

A Chaplet of Verses by Adelaide Anne Procter