A Forgotten Tale Poem : Songs of Action Poetry by Arthur Conan Doyle

Songs of Action Poetry

A Forgotten Tale Poem


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Forgotten Tale Poem

[The scene of this ancient fight, recorded by Froissart, is still called ‘Altura de los Inglesos. ‘ Five hundred years later Wellington’s soldiers were fighting on the same ground. ]

‘Say, what saw you on the hill,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘I saw my brindled heifer there,
A trail of bowmen, spent and bare,
And a little man on a sorrel mare
Riding slow before them. ‘

‘Say, what saw you in the vale,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘There I saw my lambing ewe
And an army riding through,
Thick and brave the pennons flew
From the lances o’er them. ‘

‘Then what saw you on the hill,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘I saw beside the milking byre,
White with want and black with mire,
The little man with eyes afire
Marshalling his bowmen. ‘

‘Then what saw you in the vale,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘There I saw my bullocks twain,
And amid my uncut grain
All the hardy men of Spain
Spurring for their foemen. ‘

‘Nay, but there is more to tell,
Campesino Garcia! ‘
‘I could not bide the end to view;
I had graver things to do
Tending on the lambing ewe
Down among the clover. ‘

‘Ah, but tell me what you heard,
Campesino Garcia! ‘
‘Shouting from the mountain-side,
Shouting until eventide;
But it dwindled and it died
Ere milking time was over. ‘

‘Nay, but saw you nothing more,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘Yes, I saw them lying there,
The little man and sorrel mare;
And in their ranks the bowmen fair,
With their staves before them. ‘

‘And the hardy men of Spain,
Campesino Garcia? ‘
‘Hush! but we are Spanish too;
More I may not say to you:
May God’s benison, like dew,
Gently settle o’er them. ‘

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